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Thursday, May 30, 2002

"FBI agents... monitor Internet sites, libraries and religious institutions without first having to offer evidence of potential criminal activity"
3:26 PM

Wednesday, May 29, 2002

Bomb making in Oklahoma
5:21 AM

"The first simulation... involved Pakistan exploding a nuclear device on its own territory to stop an advance by troops from India, which has a 2-to-1 advantage in conventional military forces. It involved Pakistan exploding a 10-kiloton atomic bomb to stop an Indian advance on Muzaffarabad, the capital of the section of Kashmir controlled by Pakistan. (The Hiroshima bomb produced an estimated yield of 18 kilotons.)..."
5:07 AM

Tuesday, May 28, 2002

"Bion perforated the mystique of ontic "objectivity" implicit to logical-positivistic, deterministic science and revealed its own unsuspected mythology--its absolute dependence on sense data. Applying his concept of reversible perspective, he found myths, both collective and personal, to be themselves "scientific deductive systems" in their own right... Bion founded... a numinous discipline based on the abandonment of memory, desire, and understanding... "seeing things as they truly are -- without disguise". He was preoccupied with the question of how we know what we know." --Bion's Transformation in 'O' and the Concept of the "Transcendent Position"
5:34 PM

"The group, any group, organisation, society, needs and evolves a structure of tasks, roles, procedures, rules, ascribed status (the 'group culture'), in order to contain the anxiety of the unknown and the responses which, unconsciously, are mobilised to defend against that unknown. The unknown is at the same time what is unknown and feared in each of us and what is unknown in the realities we engage with as we live and work."

"Within the group... one can see operating a number of powerful unconscious and unlearned, quasi-instinctive, strategies of evasion and denial... constituting... "group mentality", opposed to the conscious aims, intentions and efforts of individuals."

Making Absences Present: The Contribution of W. R. Bion to Understanting Unconscious Social Phenomena
5:20 PM

"Melanie Klein focused on the content of primitive, psychotic anxieties. She believed that the primitive was never transcended, that we never have a maturational achievement.. She believed that envy and destructiveness loomed [large] in the unconscious... Extremely primitive unconscious phantasies... are bubbling away in the inner world and the simmering of this cauldron is a prerequisite to being able to think at all."
3:33 PM

"Before in mathematics, infinity had been a taboo subject. Previously, Gauss had stated that infinity should only be used as "a way of speaking" and not as a mathematical value. Most mathematicians followed his advice and stayed away. However, Georg Cantor would not leave it alone... his new ideas gained him numerous enemies. Many mathematicians just would not accept his groundbreaking ideas that shattered their safe world of mathematics... [Kronecker] did all he could to suppress Cantor's ideas and ruin his life... The rest of [Cantor's] life was spent in and out of mental institutions and his work nearly ceased completely... He died in a mental institution on January 6, 1918... Today, Cantor's work is widely accepted by the mathematical community. His theory on infinite sets reset the foundation of nearly every mathematical field and brought mathematics to its modern form."
2:52 PM

"...thoughts are the shadows of our feelings... When we think of those we love or hate.. thought processes are rarely cool and detached - neither should they be... Although we are still rational at such times there is no doubt that our thought processes are not following a machine-like logic... This elusive mental state has been explicitly addressed by Bion with his notion of 'alpha function' which renders barely conscious feelings into the more manageable medium of thoughts and ideas." --Simple Bilogic in the Poems of Louis MacNeice
1:36 PM

"...the Buddhists almost invariably ranked Buddhism as the ultimate cure while characterizing Confucianism as a worldly dharma-medicine which merely provided a view of the temporary and which, though necessary for those who were unable to achieve profound transformation because of their thin and weak capacities, needed to be transcended if salvation were to be attained."

"...the Confucians, on the other hand, brought against Buddhism a whole array of charges which suggest that they considered it to be among the worst of all heterodoxies."

The Neo-Confucian Confrontation with Buddhism: A Structural And Historical Analysis
12:31 PM

Monday, May 27, 2002

"Drug-taking and music-making have been two activities umbilically-linked since the days when prehistoric man first started to beat out a rhythm on the walls of the cave whilst chewing on some of those newly-discovered strange-tasting herbs that somehow shrunk the genitals and yet expanded the mind." --An Artists’ Guide To Drugs
5:13 PM

Buddhist views of suicide and euthanasia
3:45 PM

Supplement Watch: informative facts about dietary supplements
7:27 AM

Sunday, May 26, 2002

"One of the most controversial topics in Nietzsche’s writings is that of morality... A popular notion is that his moral philosophy is in fact one that advocates immorality, but this view is incomplete and misguided." --Nietzsche’s Positive Morality
12:52 PM

New directions in chemical and biological warfare.
7:12 AM

Friday, May 24, 2002

Nietzsche, Steiner, and Jung: attitudes to the One
8:59 AM

America used nerve and bio weapons against own troops in the 1960's, but we're only finding out about it now. What are they doing now that we may not find out about for 40 years?
5:03 AM

Thursday, May 23, 2002

Dreams of the Blind
6:56 AM

"this requires that we let go... of the idea that the dream is *revealing* our secret obtainable object, but rather the reverse - that the withheld object is creating or revealing our style of desire... hold the irreconcilable opposites of the psyche in consciousness... [until] a reconciling symbol will emerge" --Playing with Fire: The Object-Cause of Desire at the Heart of the Dream
6:53 AM

NLP and Dreams
6:39 AM

Wednesday, May 22, 2002

"Gummy fingers can even fool sensors being watched by guards. Simply form the clear gelatin finger over your own. This lets you hide it as you press your own finger onto the sensor. After it lets you in, eat the evidence."
(Thanks to Joel)
2:00 PM

"Although the Austrian psychoanalyst and anarchist Otto Gross (1877 - 1920) played a pivotal role in the birth of what today we are calling modernity, with wide-ranging influences in analysis, literature, psychiatry and sociology, he has remained virtually unknown to this day. To a large extent, this is the result of an analytic historiography which Erich Fromm has rightly called 'Stalinistic': dissidents become non-persons and vanish from the records."
1:49 PM

A rebuttal to "the masterpieces of intellectual distortion [that] amount to a declaration of war on Jung and on analytical psychology"
1:16 PM

"The Jung the Church poses a threat to the orthodox believer."
1:08 PM

The Evil Philsophy Behind Political Correctness
Philosophy, psychology, politics all embroiled in an Evil conspiracy.. Immensly entertaining!
(Don't forget your grains of salt... you'll need 'em)
12:01 PM

"That psychoanalysis even had a history in the Soviet Union comes as something of a revelation. Freud's ideas suffered much the same fate under Stalinism as virtually every other progressive trend in science and art—indeed much the same fate as Marxism itself: it was outlawed and every effort was made to erase any trace of its existence in Soviet life." —Intrepid thought: psychoanalysis in the Soviet Union
11:21 AM

"'if a person can hold the tension between the conflicting opposites, then eventually something will happen in the psyche to resolve the conflict. The outer circumstances may in fact remain the same, but a change takes place in the individual. This change, essentially irrational and unforeseeable, appears as a new attitude to both oneself and others; energy previously locked up in a state of indecision is released and movement becomes possible. Jung calls this the transcendent function, because what happens transcends the conflicting opposites...' Beware: this method is not for the lighthearted"
10:18 AM

"Much of Fromm's work had to do with how a person tries to escape from having to choose. We try to get the other person, or the institution, to take action for us. But this alienates us from our own power and responsiveness."
9:55 AM

What really happened in Blackhawk Down?
(Thanks to Jennifer)
8:19 AM

Tuesday, May 21, 2002

"I get ideas for my paintings from lucid dreams. About once a month when I'm dreaming, I will realize I'm dreaming, and when I do, I then walk around in the dream looking at art on the walls. I usually find many paintings on every wall. By the time one of these lucid dreams ends, I usually have one or two good paintings memorized. I always recreate them in pastel on 12 by 18 inch paper. I've been doing this as a hobby since 1986." --Interview with Epic Dewfall in ElectricDreams
3:57 PM

Take a nap to induce a lucid dream.
3:49 PM

What is Active Imagination?
1:26 PM

Dreams of Children
1:18 PM

Fireflies in the Shadow of the Sun: corruption in academic psychology
1:09 PM

Nonlocality, morphic resonance and synchronicity.
11:39 AM

The Archives of Scientists' Transcendent Experiences
9:42 AM

Sony foiled by marker.
(Thanks to Joel.)
3:17 AM

Monday, May 20, 2002

Reflections on the Dream Traditions of Islam
5:04 PM

Pepper With Stiches
Liquid Body
4:41 PM

In anthropology focus has shifted away from interviewing "non-Western" dreamers to the anthropologist’s own recent dreams. --The New Anthropology of Dreaming
3:12 PM

What is Focusing?
2:10 PM

"The Shoah Dream Project exists to document a unique aspect of the Holocaust--how [it] affects our dreams."
1:40 PM

"The Third Reich of Dreams, by Charlotte Beradt is a collection of dreams that occurred during the rise of Nazism and were smuggled out of Germany. They reveal dramatically how fear and paranoia take root and become internal agents of self-control. The victims further victimize themselves and become unwitting pawns in the consolidation of dictatorial power." --Dreams and the Politics of Connectedness
1:15 PM

Bush administration maintains that covering their asses is more important than figuring out what went wrong on Sept. 11th.
7:55 AM

Sunday, May 19, 2002

New York City says goodbye to Free Speech
Thanks again to Mike.
6:33 AM

Saturday, May 18, 2002

Consumer Paradise
Thanks to Mike for this one.
11:47 AM

Friday, May 17, 2002

"Miguel Alejandro Juarez was always curious about chemically-induced states of mind..."
"(After smoking various crayola crayons including periwinkle and brick-red.) It is amazing that amidst all this maelstrom of the senses, I have not lost my clarity of mind; although I can not find my testicles. There is a creature here that I have never seen before. Perhaps it knows where my testicles are. It is calling me toward it..."
Pop Goes the Culture: On Drugs
2:19 PM

Who is Pierre Teilhard de Chardin?
10:53 AM

"Our signs were ripped out of our hands and stomped on"
"We were shoved; we didn’t shove back."
"They were chanting ‘Nazi!’, ‘She’s an enemy of the Jewish people!’, ‘She’s not a real Jew!’"
108 rabbinical students attacked for supporting Palestinians
8:52 AM

Thursday, May 16, 2002

"What happens when we see our dreams as a realm of beings manifesting through our psyches?"
Dream Replicants and the Emergence of Simulacra by Richard Wilkerson (in ElectricDreams)
3:37 PM

Do Dreams Have Meaning? by Richard Wilkerson (in ElectricDreams)

Dreams may be meaningful for many reasons:
Existential - The dream has meaning because I give it meaning.
Affective - The dream has meaning because it feels meaningful.
Functional - The dream has meaning because it is useful.
Ephiphonic - I am overwhelmed by the meaning(s) of the dream.
Pragmatic - The dream is as meaningful as the impact it happens to have.
Autonomous - I listen to the dream for the answer about its meaning.
Spiritual - All things have some alignment with the infinite, including dreams.
Relative - Dreams give people more satisfaction than some other approaches.
Testimonial - Dreams are meaningful and valued by many people.
2:57 PM

The Buddhist Priest Myoe: A Life of Dreams: a dream diary kept for 40 years in the 13th century
Working and Playing with Dreams
Electric Dreams: a journal about dreams, dreaming, dream analysis, etc... (index)
DreamGate: dreaming related resources
Dream Reader's: more dreaming related resources (unorganized)
Start4All: yet more resources
SelfGrowth: and more resources
2:22 PM

Friday, May 10, 2002

12:28 PM

Tuesday, May 07, 2002

US sanctions against Iraq constitute genocide.
2:28 PM

Monday, May 06, 2002

A Complexity-Based Model of Schizophrenia
2:37 PM

Sunday, May 05, 2002

Bioweapons loopholes
7:27 AM

Censorship in Israel
7:18 AM

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