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Friday, August 29, 2003

"[An inmate] claimed me as his property and I didnt dispute it. I became obedient, telling myself at least I was surviving . . . . He publicly humiliated and degraded me, making sure all the inmates and gaurds knew that I was a queen and his property. Within a week he was pimping me out to other inmates at $3.00 a man. This state of existence continued for two months until he sold me for $25.00 to another black male who purchased me to be his wife."

"'You will clean the house,' he said, 'have my clothes clean and when Im ready to get my 'freak' no arguments or there will be a punishment! I will,' he said, 'let my homeboys have you or Ill just sale you off. Do we have an understanding?' With fear, misery, and confusion inside me . . . I said yes"

No Escape: Mare Rape in U.S. Prisons
5:59 PM

Thursday, August 28, 2003

Word of the Day
sclerotic: grown rigid or unresponsive, especially with age
9:12 PM

Tuesday, August 19, 2003

"Child With Bicycle"

"Blue Nude Dressing"

"Lenape Jesus" (1968), showing Christ on a merry-go-round, menaced by "The Dark Crowd."

Tom Bostelle
4:08 PM

"If your workplace is safe... if your children go to school rather being forced in to labor... if you are paid a living wage, including overtime... if you enjoy a 40 hour week and are allowed to join a union to protect your rights, you can thank liberals."

"If your food is not poisoned and your water is drinkable, you can thank liberals."

"If your parents are eligible for medicare and social security so they can grow old in dignity without bankrupting your family, you can thank liberals."

"If our rivers are getting cleaner and our air isn't black with polution, if our wilderness is protected and our countryside still green you can thank liberals."

"If people of all races can share the same public facilities... if everyone has the right to vote... if couples fall in love and marry regardless of race... if we have finally begun to transcend a segregated society, you should thank liberals"

Joe Conason, Big Lies: How the right-wing propaganda machine demonizes liberals and distorts the common-sense politics of America

There's a great debate between Conanson and some conservative talk show host here

It starts around the 60min mark on that mp3, and gets good 10-15mins in to it.
3:09 PM

You never know what you'll find using a Random Image Search
8:07 AM

Monday, August 18, 2003

Paying lip service to diversity
11:09 AM

Wednesday, August 06, 2003

"...a nearby [U.S.] soldier began kicking [the journalist] and then another four or five soldiers took him to the ground, removed the safeties from their weapons, aimed their guns at his head and continued to kick at him repeatedly..."

"U.S. troops then confiscated his camera as they tied his arms behind his back with wire and proceeded to detain him in a nearby military vehicle for about one hour..."
3:07 PM

"The Bush administration is actively seeking to gag or punish social service organizations that challenge the party line... Nonprofits that disagree with the president's own solutions, or go further and blame him for problems in the first place, have come to expect unpleasant consequences..."

"'If you disagree with the administration on ideological grounds, they're going to come down with a hammer. This has huge implications for the free flow of speech in this country,' says Gary Bass, executive director of OMB Watch, itself a nonprofit, which released the report last week as part of its 20-year-old mission to monitor White House budget and spending decisions."
1:26 PM

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